AMERICA is UNCEDED INDIAN LAND (Unceded Territory = No treaty Signed = Permission Required from the First Nation Government Involved. = No Pipeline, No Mining, No Fishing, No Farming, Etc...without First Nations Permission) GET me a GUILLOTINE SOULuTION

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December 2018 -

7th Fire and 8th Fire Prophecy



12 11 2018 - Government gravy, hotdogs, pizza parties, baby bon fires, booze, baal sacrifices rothchildcatkillers -

Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated)

Secret History of Khazarian Mafia and its evil plan to hijack the whole world now revealed for first time. blocking my post... going to have to make my own webpage about it

World's largest Organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian oligarchy morphed into by their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magick, has been nearly completely excised from the history books. - Baal aka Moloch, Lucifer, Satan. Take your pick it's the same evil spirit that wants to mass-murder all humans. In exchange for doing his “dirty work” he rewards those allow him to snatch their souls by giving them incredible riches, fame and power. This is the secret blood contract called “selling one's soul.”

The Rothschild Khazarian Mafia (KM) once again decided to sheep-dip themselves and infiltrated and hijacked all Judaism:

The Rothschild KM created a master plan to control all of Judaism and mind-kontrol Judaics. The Rothschild KM has hijacked Judaism, patterned it off of Babylonian Talmudism (Luciferianism or Satanism), and gained control over the banking and Wall Street professions in general, Congress, the major mass media; along with most wealth and economic means of success.

Thus, the Rothschild KM could pass out wealth and success to those Judaics who drank their Kool-aide and use them as cutouts, assets and Sayanims. In this manner, the Rothschilds hijacked Judaism. Their financing of the Israeli Knesset and construction of it using Freemason occult architecture displayed their commitment to the occult and Babylonian Talmudism and all the evil accompanying it, including child sacrifice to their secret god Baal. They set up a NWO system called World Zionism which taught and inculcated susceptible Judaics with a paranoid group delusion of racial superiority, which assumed that all Gentiles were intent on mass-murdering all Judaics. Freemasonry architecture was used in the building of the Knesset and the Israeli Supreme Court, viewed through windows.

They called this racially-paranoid mass Judaic delusion of world conquest, “World Zionism”, which is really a form of covert Babylonian Talmudism or Luciferianism that had been unknown to mainstream Judaics. The system was designed to use Judaics as cover, but also to anoint them with Babylonian money-power, in order to use them as cutouts, and to later be sacrificed to Lucifer in two stages. The first stage would be a their planned WWII in Nazi work camps, cut off from supplies, resulting in the deaths of about 200,000 Judaics from starvation and disease, along with about 90,000 non-Judaic inmates from the same causes, according to respected Red Cross official figures. This number is 5% of what the Khazarian Mafia (aka the World Zionists) claim.

The second great sacrifice would be a final one, when their New World Order Luciferian King would be placed into power, and when all three Abrahamic religions would be eradicated — especially Judaism, which would be blamed for all the wars and destruction of the world. By then, the Rothschilds would once again morph themselves into a complete new identity not associated with Judaism in any form, not even World Zionism. It is important to realize that the Rothschild KM took Germany down to nothing after WWI, created a vacuum for Fascism, and then rebuilt it, creating Naziism and installing Hitler as a counter-force to their Russian Bolshevism. Hitler became a problem for the KM when he broke free and begin acting in the interests of the German people and the free people of the world, and developed his own banking system free of the Rothschilds.

Hitler introduced a financial system that was free of usury and beneficial to the working class. This mandated the utter destruction of Germany and the German people, because the Rothschilds and the Khazarians could never allow an economic system that did not depend upon usury to exist. We see the same thing today with the Khazarian war against Islam, because Islam forbids usury. That is why Israel is so vocal and aggressive about destroying the Islamic people of the world. The KM expected this to be a large WWII and when they supported both sides, this could be used to industrialize the whole world and maximize their bankster money-power.

The Rothschild KM then bribed and induced Members of Congress to send American Soldiers to their pre-stage and engineered WWI: As a continuance of their well-proven pattern of financing both sides in any war to maximize profits, the acquisition of more federal tax monies and increased international power, the Rothschild Khazarians once again bribed, blackmailed and induced members of Congress to declare war against Germany in 1917. This was facilitated by a KM false-flag attack with the sinking of the Lusitania. The Rothschild KM has since developed the usual pattern of covertly staging false-flag attacks as a standard operating procedure for inducing Americans to fighting wars for the Khazarian Mafia.

After WWII was finished, the Rothschild KM deployed the Cold War, and used this as an excuse to bring Nazi scientists and mind-kontrol experts to America under Operation Paperclip. This allowed them to set up a worldwide spying and espionage system that far exceeded any of their prior efforts. Under this new system, they continue to infiltrate and hijack all American institutions, including the various American church systems, Freemasonry (especially the Scottish Rite and York Rite), the US military, US Intel, and most private defense contractors, the Judiciary and most agencies of the USG, including most State governments, and both major political parties as well. The Rothschild KM sets up Nazi Work Camps as a pretext to later manipulate the Allies into granting them their own private colony in Palestine, using land stolen from the Palestinians: The Rothschild KM was able to use their self mis-labelled, so-called “holocaust” to serve as a mind-kontrol trigger to thwart and resist any criticism of their Zionist ways. The truth of the matter was that the Rothschild KM set up the Nazi work camps to make huge profits for their corporations that ran their work camps and supplied their Nazi war machine.

Once the Rothschild KM gained their own private homeland in Israel in 1947 through their covert political manipulations, they began to secretly view all of Palestine as their New Khazaria, and began plotting how to genocide all the Palestinians and steal all of Palestine for themselves. Their plans include their fantasy of constructing a “greater Israel” by taking over the whole Middle East and manipulating dumb American Goyim to fight and die on their behalf, taking all the Arab lands for Israel and the Khazarian Mafia (KM), so they can asset strip their wealth and natural resources, especially their crude oil. Recent peer-reviewed Johns Hopkins genetic research by a respected Judaic MD shows that 97.5% of Judaics living in Israel have absolutely no ancient Hebrew DNA, are therefore not Semites, and have no ancient blood ties to the land of Palestine at all. By contrast, 80% of Palestinians carry ancient Hebrew DNA and thus are real Semites, and have ancient blood ties to Palestinian Land. This means that the real anti-Semites are the Israelis who are stealing Palestinian lands in order to build Israeli settlements, and it is the Israelis who are the ones tyrannizing and mass-murdering innocent Palestinians.

The Rothschild KM decides to morph again and expand their ranks: In the meantime the Rothschild KM realized that they could not stay hidden much longer from the public unless they morphed again and expanded their secret leadership. So they worked hard to further infiltrate and hijack Freemasonry and its secret offshoots, and inducted top members into their pedophile network and child sacrifice rituals. Also, key members of Congress were inducted into their secret satanic network by giving them special power, high USG, military and Intel positions, accompanied by great monetary rewards and high status. Massive KM espionage fronts using Israeli-Americam “Israeli-first” dual citizens as cutouts were set up inside America to funnel the Khazarian banksters' counterfeit money to politicians for their election campaigns, in order to own and control them when elected. The Rothschild KM decides to Mind-kontrol the American masses to make it much easier to manipulate them into approving their illegal, Unconstitutional unprovoked, undeclared, unwinnable, perpetual wars needed to make huge profits and gain more world power: The Rothschild KM decided to gain complete control over all public education by setting up the Department of Education and creating globalist and socialist curriculums based on political correctness, diversity and “perversion is normal” teachings. Fluoride is added to the public water and toothpaste, and dentists are mind-kontrolled to believe that fluoride prevents cavities, and is not harmful to brain function or thyroid function, which it is. The addition of fluoride to the public water supply and to toothpaste is to dumb-down Americans by on average lowering the operational IQ and making folks much more docile than they would normally be. Programs to develop and deploy vaccinations to dumb-down children and create huge numbers of future chronic health problems were initiated. Doctors have been mind-kontrolled and misled by biased research that was cherry-picked, ignoring any studies that were negative — and that included most of them. All vaccine cell lines are contaminated with SV-40, a known carcinogenic slow-acting virus. The KM used its monetary power to gain control over all of the allopathic medical schools, and set up and controlled the American Medical Association and other medical societies, in order to make sure their agenda based on lies and deceit was continued. / TRUTH will set you FREE - // // pdf - TRUTH will set you FREE - _ 2015 _ The TRUTH will set you FREE.pdf // pdf - Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia (Updated) - Veterans Today _ News - Military Foreign Affairs Policy.pdf





Wednesday 12 05 2018 - 12052018 - no one is getting their land claims back by sitting on their asses waiting for government support ... tired of babysitting

US Provides Military Aid To More Than 70 Percent Of World's Dictatorship

-About three-quarters of the world's dictatorships currently receive military assistance from the United States. This is a strange record for a nation that consistently justifies its sweeping foreign interventions as aimed at “promoting democracy” and “thwarting evil dictatorships.”

Pindar De Rothshchild has sent you a message Dec 30, 2017, 12:08 PM -I grew up in a generational satanic family which was mind blowing at times. They attended baptist church everytime the doors were opened. But then there are the things people dont see. And my community was afraid of them so nobody ever called the authorities to report anything. But I made it out alive although I have terrible nightmares and sometimes I black out for days at a time for no reason. And I have to go to therapy and lots of meds lol but I wouldn't change anything becauase it fuels my music. I eventually learned that my birth was planned and I was created for their purpose. I learned to accept that. I will give you the last names of my parents . My father is D. Rothschild my mother is A. Phillips. The same Phillips bloodline as Queen Elizabeths Grandson Peter Phillips. Though my Mother & Father I have blood relation with The Rothschild Family, The Collins Family, The Reynolds Family (Mother Only), & The Presidential Adams Family (Fathers Side Only). Ive watched as my family threw live cats and dogs into a bonfire on Halloween. I've been forced to participate in horrific rituals. On the night of July 31, 2015 I has made to perform a human sacrifice of my gay lover, who's was Demond Alexander Link. The ritual took place at an abandoned rock querry in Reading Pennsylvania. I was forced sodomize and to stab him in the heart and drink his tortured blood then push him off a cliff into the baptising waters below. As you can imagine it was and still is a very emotional //

555 vs 666





SUNday 12022018 -

KHAZARS killing Palestinians for PETRO DOLLAR BABALONIAN BANKERS - talmudbabyeaters -

I work on helping poor families in Gaza

Hi. Dear friends. Please donate if you can and share this charity work. To distribute food to poor families here in the Gaza Strip, please help fund this in order to alleviate the suffering of children and draw their smiles. Without your donation, we can not support poor families. Please continue to donate to the children and make them happy. love and peace


THEY ARE ACCOUNTABLE - YORK CATHOLIC DISTRICT SCHOOL BOARD and OECTA have known since 2004 for sure accountable4actions - ///





Essene Church of Christ & the Order of the Blue Rose


November 28 2018 - Marian represents the Goddess in her maiden aspect. According to Rober Graves, the name "Marian" is a variant of "Mare", one of the most ancient names for the Lady, dating back thousands of years to ancient Egypt, Sumeria and Minoan Crete. In his masterpiece of mythological interpretation, The White Goddess, Graves equates Maid Marian with the goddess of the sea and sensuality, variously known as Mari, Miriam, Mariamne, Myrrha, Marina and Mary Gipsy. This goddess was Christianized as both St. Mary of Egypt and the Virgin Mary.

Graves suggests that the name "Maid Marian" is a sort of cultural pun on the term 'mermaid' (literally, "maiden of the sea"), also formerly written 'merry-maid'.

The goddess Mare also appears in classical mythology as Venus, who rose from the sea and is the mother of the archer god of love, Cupid.

Maid Marian's hidden divinity manifests itself in this mysterious paradox: she is clearly Robin's lover, yet she remains ever the "Maid" or virgin, both in name and reputation. Thus she is like the threefold goddess, ever renewed as the maiden in springtime. http:// robinhood.htm //


November 27 2018 -

M is for Mary Magdalene - michiganmary -

The prominence of leadership of Mary Magdalene in the 1st century Church was confirmed by the authoritative Vatican theologian Saint Augustine (ca. 400 AD), recognizing her as the “ Apostle to the Apostles ” [ 17 ]. The name “ Magdalene ” did not mean merely “from Magdala”, but actually meant “ The Tower ”, as Mary's nickname and title of prominence and importance among the Apostles. [ 18 ]

For these reasons, Mary Magdalene is widely considered to hold special status as the primary Disciple of Jesus, who the Essenes, Cathars and later Templars regarded as a “ Gnostic Apostle ”, as well as a Patron Saint [ 19 ].

It was only much later in the 7th century that Pope Gregory (590-604 AD) mistakenly associated Mary Magdalene with a “sinner” who washed Jesus' feet ( Matthew 26:6-13, Mark 14:3-8), who was also named “Mary”. However, the Orthodox Church never made that misidentification, and maintains that Magdalene is separate, and was never any type of “sinner”, but only venerated as a Saint. [ 20 ]

The New Testament contains two isolated references to “ Mary Magdalene, out of whom he [Jesus] had cast seven devils. ” ( Mark 16:9, Luke 8:2) [ 21 ] This passing mention, in two accounts of the same event, does not appear in the other two related Gospels.

That cryptic reference, which appears out of context even in the original text, has been assumed to imply that “seven demons were cast out” of her, interpreted as a possible exorcism. However, the results of archaeology provide compelling evidence that this is actually a metaphorical short description of the sacred consecration ceremony for a High Priest(ess), in the tradition of the Nazarene Essenes:

The “Wisdom Texts” of the Essene scrolls describe in great detail “ the search for Wisdom as a female figure ”, establishing doctrines of the feminine aspects of God [ 22 ]. As a result, in the Essene Priesthood women were given initiatory training [ 23 ], and the 1st century historian Flavius Josephus documented that women were given formal initiation as Priestesses, equal to the men [ 24 ].

University professors confirm that Jesus was not “of Nazareth”, but was actually called “ the Nazarene ”, revealing that he was a High Priest of the Nazarene Essenes, the original Egyptian Essenes. (The town “Nazereth” did not have that name at the time of Jesus, such that he was not named after the place, but rather the town was later named after Jesus the Nazarene Essene.) [ 25 ]

The ancient Priesthood of the Essenes, which Jesus the Nazarene Essene had studied in Egypt, and of which he was a High Priest, featured practices of spiritual purification using energy centers located at seven points along the spinal column [ 26 ]. These energy points are popularly known in other traditions as the “seven chakras”.

In all spiritual traditions, the purpose of all forms of energy work with the chakras is always to “clear” or “cleanse” them, by “removing” clouds or blocks of “negative energy”, often referred to in early Christianity as “demons”. Naturally, the only way to become a High Priest(ess) was necessarily to cleanse one's seven chakras, casting out all negative energies, removing all blocks, to ensure that the Holy Spirit would flow strongly through the Priest(ess).

Evidence that the Apostles had knowledge from the Essenes of how to “cleanse” the “seven chakras”, is found in a prayer which is featured in the Gnostic Acts of Thomas : “ Come, thou holy name of Christ… Come, compassionate Mother. Come, she that revealeth the hidden mysteries. Come, Mother of the seven houses, that thy rest may be in the seventh house. … Come, Holy Spirit, and cleanse their reins and their heart, and give them the added seal ”. [ 27 ]

This invocation is direct evidence from the historical record of an Apostolic practice, specifically to “ cleanse ” the “ seven houses ” to give an “ added seal ” of connection to the Holy Spirit. This proves the reality of a tradition of consecration of a High Priest(ess) by “ casting out seven demons ” from their chakras, and that such practice has nothing to do with demonic possession nor exorcism, but rather is purification for consecration of a Bishop.

The infamously misinterpreted New Testament reference to Mary Magdalene, as the one from whom “Jesus had cast out seven demons”, in fact clearly evidences that Jesus himself had consecrated Mary as a High Priestess in the ancient tradition of the Essenes, thereby making her the first female Apostolic Bishop of Christianity.

The prayer of Saint Thomas, that the “Mother” of Wisdom may “rest… in the seventh house”, is a clear reference to the highest seventh chakra, located at the Pineal body in the center of the brain. Jesus the Nazarene taught the Apostles about the importance of activating the Pineal body, which is popularly known in all esoteric traditions as the “Third Eye” or “Single Eye”, and is the natural biological channel for Holy Spirit energies: “The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” (Matthew 6:22) [28]

This Gnostic teaching of the Essenes, known and used by Jesus and the Apostles, is also described in Old Testament canonical scripture: “Wisdom hath builded her house, she hath hewn [carved] out her seven pillars” (Proverbs 9:1) [29] This establishes that the system of seven energy centers of the human body is associated with the divine feminine aspect of God.

In the Old Testament the spirit of Wisdom, always referred to in scripture as “she”, is described in great detail as being the feminine face of God, the female aspect which is inherent within God. “Wisdom” speaks, saying: “The Lord possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning… while as yet he had not made the earth… When he prepared the heavens, I was there… I was by him, as one brought up with him”. (Proverbs 8:22-31) [30]

The Gnostic scripture Pistis Sophia, features Mary Magdalene teaching the principles of “cosmic” spiritual ascent of the soul, through prayerful work with “seven spheres” of energy. [31] This is supported by the Gnostic scripture Dialogue of the Savior, in which Mary Magdalene teaches: “There is but one saying I will speak to the Lord concerning the mystery of Truth: In this we have taken our stand, and to the cosmic we are transparent.” [32] Therefore, the “cosmic” to which we are “transparent” is the “seven spheres” of energy, as the “seven houses”, of the Biblical “seven pillars” of Wisdom, which are the seven chakras. /


November 22 2018-


"We have the promise from heaven that peace would come to the world by this explicit means: the solemn and public Consecration of Russia (by the Pope) in union with the Catholic bishops of the world."

Putin's “Symphony of Church and State” and this makes International Jewry very nervous.

Putin and Israel – a complex and multi-layered relationship

The Religion Of Vladimir Putin . MUST SEE -

Published on Jul 14, 2016 - Putin's got a message that has no rival. Like Trump, he wants to make Russia “great again,” but with a whole new twist. He's reviving the concept of “Symphony of Church and State” and this makes International Jewry very nervous.
“The head of the Russian Orthodox Church has given President Putin an award for his policies intending to make Russia a leading world power.” It was a chance for Putin to ‘exhibit' his agreement with the “Orthodox” definition of Russia. Figureheads of International Jewry at US Treasury: Jacob Lew, Adam Szubin, and David Cohen (now deputy director of the CIA) are beating on a stubborn Russian bear that won't run from anyone…especially s-anction-happy Jews.
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November 20 2018 - 11202018 -

RIP TOM KENNEDY - website now hijacked by NESARA SNAKES funded by CLINTON - nesaracyberclassnetstole -

Soluna Tuna TRADEaPOST


November 17 2018 -

November 14 2018 - 14 2018.htm


Dana Elizabeth Horochowski, B.Sc., B.Ed., RNCP, RMMS teacher, and owner of Jr. Genius Educational Services Inc. Educated at the University of Western Ontario, Lakehead University, and continuous education in Nutrition, Holistic Health and Healing. Born February 12, 1965 to immigrant Polish parents and grew up in Sault Ste Marie Ontario. Taught Math, Science and Vocal Music for the York Catholic District School Board from 1989 to 2003. Built her own education system in 1995 and continues to advocate her revolution in holistic education.

Presently single without family commitments, Dana spends time networking with others who desire a solution to the problems that currently face us. She speaks out for an independent Canada. She believes that the education system should not be suppressed and indoctrinated as it currently is. Ideally, she hopes that Canadians would encourage independent thinking, an integral media, community cooperation and trade, environmental responsibility, the eradication of poverty and addictions, world peace and an accountable, honest government for the people. With a background in Biology and Ecology, Dana consistently researches alternative energies, organic foods, holistic health and healing, preservation of the environment and the prevention of global warming.

She believes in the Restoration of Jurisdiction for First Nations and has worked closely with them as a teacher and in community involvement. Having spent time in rural communities, Dana has seen the growing extinction of our farming communities, small towns and manufacturing industries due to Free Trade. Her focus is to help solve the problems of our under employed, re-educate and re-train people and create new economies and micro-industries that promote an independent healthy Canada; one that can help show the rest of the world how to live in SERENITY and prosperity. ( RIP TOM KENNEDY - website now hijacked by NESARA SNAKES funded by CLINTON)

Global Problems - Since 1998, Dana has been investigating the source of our global problems and trying to bring these concerns to the attention of the education system, the government, media, religious leaders, concerned parents, students and other citizens. By truly understanding where the problem lies and by accepting that there is a problem, only then can we make significant changes towards remedying the situation. Currently our bureaucracy fails to tell us the truth about what is really going on.

Dana opposes the North American Union, NAFTA and the globalization agenda. She has been educating others about these dangerous issues through her website. She works closely with Toronto Street News (a unsuppressed newspaper, sold by the underemployed) which is posted on her website, currently. The plan is to expand and diversify Canada Street News for national distribution, supported by small businesses, the Canadian voice and the integrity of its content. all/ //

Global Solutions - Dana is currently setting up a Serenity Network ( with bartering and trading for those who are concerned about globalization and the control of our economies. It will be community currency compatible and be globally accessible to other small businesses, entrepreneurs and communities. Jr. Genius Educational Services Inc.,

In 1995, frustrated with indoctrination system (our public education system) and its failure to produce independent thinkers who were whole minded, healthy and balanced, Dana recreated a logical academic curriculum and developed Jrgenius interNATIONal sCOOLs . Her vision was to build education around the individual, and empower them to share their knowledge. Students (of all ages) learn to live holistically with nature and others, implementing organic gardening and food prep, practicing optimal health and healing and learning alternative science technologies. Students learn how to build and market their own small businesses and integrate into a community network

Geared from ages 2 to 102, instructors quickly teach students the basic Math and Language skills and apply the Study to Succeed Method. Once an individual has acquired these fundamental skills, they can continue to explore what they desire to learn without suppression. In this “I see, I do, I teach” system, everyone has an opportunity to learn and teach their craft. Designed to cater to all income levels, education becomes a community commitment and learning occurs, not just in the classroom. With all ages involved, the elderly and the young gain confidence, security and a sense of self worth.

This revolution in education is economical, highly effective, empowering and Earth Friendly. CURRICULUM - for recordings/

Government, Monetary and Judicial Systems - Dana is aware of the flaws in our current government, judicial and monetary systems. Complete openness and absence of secrecy, full accountability, accessibility, and representation are essential to the integrity of the system. Canada must be free from the chains of British, American and corporate influence. As LEADER for the SERENITY PARTY, Dana is committed to the policies that it upholds and believes that immediate ACTION is the solution to our current national situation. To make the SERENITY PARTY an official GLOBAL PARTY. Meegwetch Namaste Contact Dana at: Jr. Genius Educational Services Inc. Dana Horochowski // TORONTO CENTRE Toronto, Ont. 416-530-5777;,

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- Made in cANADa! Join us in a New Paradigm of Universal Oneness, Serenity and Prosperity for All. We are a Network of People with Integrity and OPEN hearts, READY to create a BETTER WORLD for seven generations to come. Rainbow Angels / Children of the Feather - ONE BIG JOB onebigjob - /// Help Us Create a New Ending! - Hi there from Peggy & David! We’re a couple of Americans who went on a very, very extensive fact finding mission to figure out why the world is so screwed up and to see if there was something we could do to change things. // /// // ///





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